ShoreScape Experiment in Monster

ShoreScape experiment during second scan day.

Point cloud colored according to elevation around boxes, which were placed on the beach for the ShoreScape experiment.


For the ShoreScape experiment in April/May 2019 wooden boxes were placed on the beach at different heights. The area around the boxes was scanned from different location on the first day of the experiment, after 3 weeks and after 6 weeks to observe sand accumulated due to aeolian sand transport around the boxes.

  • Location + Date: beach close to Monster, NL (just south of the zandmotor), April/May 2019
  • Object: Beach with wooden boxes and deformations due to aeolian sand transport
  • Associated project: CoastScan/ShoreScape
  • Number of scans:
    – 4 scans on the first day (07/04/2019)
    – 6 scans on the second day (26/04/2019)
    – 7 scans on the third day (13/05/2019)
  • Location on Bulk drive: /
  • Contact person: Mieke Kuschnerus
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