OLRS Laser Scan Projects

Please report in this blog your Terrestrial Laser Scan project. Provide for each scan project the following information:

  • Location + Date
  • Object, e.g. bridge, city hall, trees,…
  • Associated project, if any
  • Number of scans
  • Location on Bulk drive where data is stored
  • Contact person
  • One image of the data set, like a screenshot

Please make sure that the name of the folder on the bulk drive is descriptive and contains an indication of a date (month/year).

Please upload to the bulk drive:
– raw project data as exported from the scanner
– files converted into readable format (e57/xyz/asc/las)
– project file after registration in cyclone

Thanks in advance!

Links to OLRS public data:

Oude kerk, Delft

Constructiebrug, Delft

Trambrug, Schipluiden

Molen de Roos, Delft

Morspoort, Leiden

Maison d’Artiste, Delft

St.-Bavokerk, Haarlem


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